Latest SEO Trends

seo trends 2017

SEO or search engine optimization is the process through which a greater traffic can be attracted from the natural or the organic search results exhibited by search engines. When you go to a search engine like Bing, Yahoo or Google, and type your query, magically a list of suggested articles and links are provided to you. SEO is the trick through which information collected over the internet by the search engine is matched with your requirement so that they can be magically furnished against your queries. This storing and matching work is done through the application of algorithmic equations.

The past years have seen certain trends in SEO that are being popularly followed by various SEO companies of Kolkata and from the other parts of the world. Let us take a look at them.

Importance of Social Media

The content on the various social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have gained an increased prominence in the task of SEO. Research reveals that nearly 76% of marketing teams are making active use of various social media sites to improve their SEO index. This trend is to gain increased encouragement in the time to come.


SEO is the art through which you can attain a better ranking from the search engine so that your brand or company name or link is given a better importance and ranking. This will enable your link or site to get flashed whenever a relevant query is posted in the search engine. Videos are one of the essential tricks through which you can attain better ranking in the search engines. This is a trend that is being followed by a large number of brands and is an SEO trend that is here to stay.

Being Mobile Friendly

In the current age of smartphones, most people are accessing the services of the search engines via their smartphones. This is why better SEO can be attained through making your website mobile friendly. This aspect is being popularly followed by the SEO companies of Kolkata and other cities. The website must be compatible with devices such as notepads, tablets, watch telephone screens and laptops.

Voice Search

This is a function that has become mandatory for better SEO index. This is a safe and convenient method of searching for information and is being ardently used by various users of search engines. This is a trend that is being popularly used on the mobile internet. This is a technology that proves especially beneficial for bikers or people with problems in typing. Companies such as Dominos’ are making use of this feature.

Renovate Content

This is one of the prime and basic tasks of the SEO companies so that they can improve the quality and the quantity of the content of the website. This is the most basic step that must be taken so that improved SEO index can be achieved. This is a technical task that must be done to upgrade the website from time to time.

Some of the most noted and dependable SEO companies are following the above rules so that their companies can get a great visibility over the various search engines.